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Monday, April 25, 2016

Features to look out In A New Mobile: 2016 Edition

Buying a new phone is very difficult these days, with tons of cheap phones to choose from. I remember the times when i had 3 different Nokia phones to choose from and i could choose the most latest N73. Sometimes I wish for those simpler days.

Steps to Buying A New Phone

But now we have tons of options and many times those options don't make sense, as mostly the specifications are just the same with different price tags. So essentially the following thought process happens
  • Decide to buy a new mobile phone
  • Ask a friend, which new model is good
  • Research it on the web
  • Get confused with many similar looking phones and get frustrated
  • Go for the cheapest option, cause everything looks the same


 Will you Buy a Sofa like a Phone

Now suppose you go to buy a sofa set, and just imagine similar to phone models you can get hundreds of options in front of you. The dealer presents you 100 options, which you filter based on looks and focus on 10 of them. Now all of them looks similar, just a minor tweak in design, which one do you choose? The cheapest one, correct? But what if a Sofa No 5 which looked similar, was bit costly has better features and is a bit costlier? What if that Sofa would last the changes in your weight and is durable enough to last a few years more than the one you choose?

Features to look out for

That's the real question in choosing a mobile. Which one would be flexible enough for the ever changing technology, app development and storage needs. So if you are going for a new mobile, look out for the following features in the next mobile you choose
  • Storage: Apps will get bigger, they will be consuming a lot of space. 4GB internal storage will be filled up by Google Apps in itself (For an Android phone). Consider going for atleast 16GB storage space. Also Going ahead Android versions will be able to emulate external storage as internal storage, so any phone with an external storage is a good option
  • Dual Sims: Self explanatory but not necessary
  • RAM: Apps will need more Ram. Get atleast phones with 3Gb Ram. Google Apps themselves use 1Gb Ram. If you Ram is used up, your phone will lag. It means, your phone will seem slow in responding to your touches and swipes. This leads to frustrations while playing your favorite game or working with multiple apps at the same time.
  • Camera: 13Mega Pixel is now the norm, and can be found in the cheapest of phone.
  • SOC/Processor: This is again very important in deciding your buy. Qualcomm is currently the leader, with really good processor. Anything above 2.5 Ghz should be good for you. 
You will have to let go of at least one criteria from the above list to get the best phone for the best price. So be ready for it.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Anatomy of a Movie Review

I had a huge heated discussion with a friend of mine on a what's app group regarding his review of Mad Max Fury Road. According to him it was a 1 star movie out of 5. I was livid, considering I considered it one of the most entertaining movie of recent years. After a hour long discussion, I decided to write my views about a movie review.

Consider you go to a restaurant and have Paneer Tikka. You really like the food so you give the complements to the Chef.. Then you take out your mobile and rate the restaurant as 5 stars on Zomato. A few days later a friend of yours goes to the restaurant looking at your review, and comes back with an angry fist waving in the air ready to hit you. You are surprised why he is angry, as the food was superb the day you were there. He relates his experience, but he does not focus on the food, but on the service and the atmosphere. He was on a romantic date, and unfortunately for him, the restaurant was not ideal for a date. So what went wrong?

See the problem here. Nowadays in this tense unrelenting world, we want to have a good experience where ever we go. May it be an restaurant or a movie theater . Anything and everything is dependent on multiple factors, and just thinking of a single experience point as the main would not do the experience justice.

So from my perspective a movie review should be broken up into the following chunks and the reviewer should decide which is the most important to him, and let the reader know what he considers top priority.

  1. Direction (Like the Chef is responsible for the main experience of food in the restaurant, so is the director responsible for the whole movie. He is like the team leader of the whole movie making process)
  2. Script Writer (He is similar to the ingredients in the dish you ate at the restaurant. Without the proper ingredients or measure of ingredients, the dish cannot be a good experience)
  3. Cinematography/Editing (This is similar to the ambiance in the restaurant. You are on a date you expect dim lightning. Similarly you want an action movie you expect fast editing or a romantic movie has bright colors)
  4. Music (Music does the same job both in the restaurant and the movie hall, it immerses you into the mood of the experience you are currently involved in)
  5. Value for Money (Was the food good enough to spend 500rs on a single plate. This is a very difficult thing to measure and varies from person to person. Similarly Mad Max was 'paisa vasool' for me while it was a drag for my friend)
I do intent to review movies i see based on these criteria, so keep tuned for more.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Some DC Widescreen Walls

Who Doesnt love batman

Welcome to My World

नमस्ते ,

I have been a long time lazy blogger, blogging about stuff only when i have an idea or want to help out my dad with something and it's a tedious process explaining it on the phone. I always had an inclination to write and blogging was a way to do it for my passion at that time (Tech articles). But that got tedious soon, there was no way i was going to be a professional blogger, and eventually i stopped blogging.

Again now, i have been captured with the idea of writing and am starting this blog, so i can share my thoughts to you. Although not always coherent, friends have said i do put different view sometimes. Hope this becomes a different view for you too enjoy.

Not a man of many words, even during the exam, so will finish of with only these few words. Look forward to reviews, walk-throughs and ideas i experiment with.

फिर मिलेंगे

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